More than 10 years of success

SotekKomTsentr established in 2000. The key focus of the company is the production and supply of spare parts for railway transport.

The company’s products are parts of a set of wear-resistant elements for a freight car truck, a locking and sealing device (LPA), fitting stops for flat cars for transportation of Containers, a locking device for doors of box cars.

Collaboration and close cooperation with the Technical Policy Department of Russian Railways, the Technical Audit Center of Russian Railways, the Central Directorate of Infrastructure of Russian Railways, participation in the Council for Railway Transport of the Commonwealth states, international exhibitions of railway transport allows them to be at the peak of development and introducing new technologies.

SotekKomTsentr and UFSIN of Russia  have created a foundry unique for the Russian Federation on a long-term basis, focused on high quality standards for rolling stock components. Equipment and personnel qualifications provide full input and output control of raw materials and finished products.

The production capacities of SotecComCenter allow producing mass batches of cast products in the amount of 1000 tons per month, stamped, welded and complex prefabricated parts from 100,000 units monthly, including those requiring high labor costs and heat treatment.