Priority activities of SotekComCenter in the field of quality is manufacture of products that meet the requirements and expectations of our Customers, provides them with confidence in our products. To achieve this, in the company operates metallographic laboratory, which ensures the implementation of the incoming inspection of steel coming from various suppliers, as well as control of output (forgings) after hot deformation (forging, stamping, rolling) and subsequent heat treatment (annealing).

Thus, the implementation of the company’s specialists control operations related to the conduct of necessary analyses and tests at all stages of the manufacture of forgings, starting from the outer acceptance of the source material and ending with final inspection before shipment.

Manufacturing Locking-sealing devices includes the basic technological cycles

  • machining
  • tamping
  • heat treatment
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Marking
  • Packaging


basic technological cycles

  • machining
  • Stamping
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Marking


basic technological cycles

  • casting in sand-clay molds
  • steel casting
  • iron casting
  • castings up to 1000 kg
  • the maximum dimensions of castings 600х400х180 mm
  • capacity up to 500 tons per month

In 2010, SotecKomCentr LLC and the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Kursk region created a long-term foundry for cast iron, which is currently the only one in the Kursk region.

New technologies and technological equipment of SotekComCentre LLC and the production and power capacities of FKU N3 of the UFSIN of Russia in the Kursk region allow enterprises to develop dynamically.